Turkish lira slips after Erdogan fires national bank boss over his hawkish money related arrangements

Benjamin Richards
2 min readMar 22, 2021


Turkish economy took an upside down turn with lira sliding down against US dollar on Monday. The drop in the cash came following President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s unexpected request to eliminate the country’s national bank boss Naci Agbal from his post. The request was given on Saturday. Agbal, who filled in as the national bank lead representative for just five months, was supplanted by Sahap Kavcioglu.

In his limited capacity to focus national bank head, Agbal presented monetary changes and proposed for the bank’s freedom. His financial approaches, which advanced ‘hawkish measures’ including raising loan fees by 200 premise focuses to 19%, higher than anticipated, have been hypothesized as the vital reason for his exit. Erdogan organization then again upholds money related policieswhichkeep loan fees low to keep up value dependability and evade expansion.

On Sunday, Win Thin, worldwide head of cash system at Brown Brothers Harriman, said ,”The stun terminating of national bank boss Agbal throughout the end of the week may bargain a lethal hit to financial backer trust in Turkey.” He added that Abgal’s “days were numbered as he ended up at the less than desirable finish of President Erdogan’s rage.”

Win said, “Subsequent to recapturing financial backer certainty with a progression of forceful rate climbs, Turkey has grabbed rout from the jaws of triumph.” He focused on that “now, it doesn’t make any difference who Agbal’s substitution is or what they say, as unmistakably Erdogan is managing everything.”

The recently named head appeared to be following similar line of thought as Erdogan’s as far as a more controlled cash strategy. Onlookers accepted that Kavcioglu may before long opposite Agbal’s structure concerning climb in financing costs.

Kavcioglu, a financial educator and previous parliamentarian, who even addressed the decision Justice and Development Party (AKP) from 2015 until 2018, composed articles in the favorable to government Yeni Safak paper.

Monday’s exchanging showed lira dropping to its record low, at 8.12 per US dollar, declining about 12% from its Friday esteem. The intraday plunge in the cash was supposed to be the greatest drop since August 2018. Following Agbal’s expulsion from the post, the nation’s Treasury and Finance Minister Lutfi Elvan gave an assertion expressing that Turkey would keep on being administered by unregulated economies guideline and liberal unfamiliar trade system.