Sponsorship Free Medicines In Lebanon Makes Medication Unaffordable

Benjamin Richards
2 min readNov 17, 2021


Nothing is becoming more straightforward for Lebanon as it is presently medication costs that have hit the rooftop this week, after sponsorships were lifted. With a monetary emergency that introduced intense destitution two years prior, it is absolutely impossible that that the Lebanese everyday person can fantasy about bearing the cost of meds.

Coronavirus has as of now disabled the drowsy development of clinical treatment and framework of the country. Further, Lebanon doesn’t hold the height of a therapeutic center point it used to 10 years prior.

Most sponsorships have been lifted on live saving medications and constant sicknesses; the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health has partaken in a proper assertion. This comes as the destitute economy can’t give any sort of endowment.

After the conventional declaration made by Health Minister Firass Abiad last week, drug specialists have now set up another rundown of costs which show costs five to multiple times the sponsored ones. The continuous lift of sponsorships has most certainly not been pretty much as steady true to form, sending alarm waves among Lebanese that are fighting with afflictions like coronary illness, elevated cholesterol and hypertension.

Clearly, sponsorship appears to have been lifted on different things too. For instance, a bundle of child equation that endures three days used to cost 12,000 Lebanese pounds ($0.50 at the market rate) before the most recent choice. A similar bundle is presently valued at 98,000 pounds ($4.20).

It is significant that 80percent of the Lebanese populace reels under the neediness line. One can likewise put it on the wretched state of the economy that has been getting by on unfamiliar credits and doesn’t have any method for making its own income.

Since late 2019, the Lebanese pound has lost more than 90% of its value, slicing the worth of compensations as expenses for essential products rise. The lowest pay permitted by law of 675,000 Lebanese was valued at $450 in 2019. It is presently equivalent to under $30.