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    Alhamdulillah for everything I have Mom nd Dad😍💝 Student

  • Maxwell Jordan

    Maxwell Jordan

    I refuse to allow the negative people in life to tear me down. I will not be defeated by life, life will be defeated by my will to be happy.

  • The Colour White

    The Colour White

    The journey from darkness to light.. (don’t worry, it’s not as bleak as it sounds)

  • Water Poets Uk

    Water Poets Uk

    Author, Poet, Journalist, Adventurer, I am very spiritual and connected to the natural world. I am passionate about it's preservation

  • Fourbrothers


  • Yuri Rodriguez

    Yuri Rodriguez

    Attorney, overeducated, divorced, a lover and a fighter. Fairly woke and open minded. Reading... for the time being.

  • s k diana

    s k diana

    writer • creator

  • Haiku Poetry

    Haiku Poetry

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