Aoun: I am not committed to sign alone and everybody bears his obligation

Benjamin Richards
1 min readDec 23, 2021

The Supreme Defense Council held a gathering at Baabda Palace, within the sight of President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

During the gathering, President Aoun said: ‘The blacklist of the bureau meetings is a demonstration of the desire of the individuals present in it, and this isn’t satisfactory, and assuming there is an issue with a particular issue that can be tended to through the establishments.’

He added: ‘The Council of Ministers should assemble, and I am not committed to sign any goal alone, and no mark can abbreviate the Council of Ministers under an administration with full protected depictions.’
He proceeded: ‘Any arrangements or advancements that happen in the security powers should be founded on resources, and to circle back to crafted by some NGO’s later data about outside subsidizing for them to complete political exercises in the races.’

State head Najib Mikati added during the gathering: ‘There is a dread that the bureau’s call will prompt a crack that should be stayed away from, and we are totally impacted by its inability to assemble, and we trust that we can before long require a gathering to resolve pressing issues.’
He said, ‘I’m sharp, similar to the President of the Republic, for the gathering of the Council of Ministers. It has been composed that whoever accepts accountability in this nation should attempt to bring positions and perspectives closer, and not increment the crack.’