Alleged Iranian attack at sea causes tension in US, UK and Israel

The US, UK and Israel confronted Iran over a deadly drone attack on an Israeli tanker off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea. Washington now says it is determined to cooperate with its allies on the humiliation.While a nuclear deal is on the table for Washington and Tehran, the language of the White House is clearly unsettled. Political analysts will say it is strong and crude, something the Biden government is not familiar with. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said: “After examining the available information, we believe that Iran carried out this attack. We work with our partners to consider next steps and consult with governments in the region and beyond to find appropriate responses. “The British reaction may have been anger at losing its own in a drone strike along with the Romanian crew on board. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett no doubt also considers it “absolute certainty” that Iran carried out the attack on the Liberian flag on Mercer Street on the Arabian Sea.Iran is quietly playing the fame game at sea as US sanctions have been the longest drag on its economy. International trade difficulties through water are a new way to disrupt the world order; and no one will allow Tehran to play this game.Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Hatibzadeh again called the allegations false and denied involvement in the attacks on local media. British Foreign Secretary Dominique Raab said in a statement that he was working with international partners on a joint response and called the attack “deliberate, targeted and a clear violation of international law by Iran”.Mercer Street damaged its superstructure and killed two crew members. According to the US military, this also coincided with previous attacks on Iran, in which an unmanned aerial vehicle was exploited, took off at a target and then exploded. This attack can be fatal. The ship is Japanese-owned and operated by Zodiac Maritime, an international ship management company based in London and operated by Israeli shipowner Eyal Ofer.


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